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Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs had ordered 500 copies of the book for his own memorial, for each guest to be given a copy. The book has been regularly reprinted and is known as "the book that changed the lives of millions. " A 2014 documentary, Awake: The Life of Yogananda, won multiple awards at film festivals around the world. His continued legacy around the world, remaining a leading figure in Western spirituality to the current day, led authors such as Philip Goldberg to consider him "the best known and most beloved of all Indian spiritual teachers who have come to the West. through the strength of his character and his skillful transmission of perennial wisdom, he showed the way for millions to transcend barriers to the liberation of the soul. "Yogananda was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, to a Hindu family of Bengali Kayastha. According to his younger brother, Sananda, from his earliest years young Mukunda's awareness and experience of the spiritual was far beyond the ordinary. His father, Bhagabati Charan Ghosh, was a Vice President of the Bengal Nagpur Railway; the traveling nature of his job would move his family to several cities during Yogananda's childhood, including Lahore, Bareilly, and Kolkata. According to Autobiography of a Yogi when he was eleven years old, his mother passed away, just before the betrothal of his eldest brother Ananta; she left behind for Mukunda a sacred amulet, given to her by a holy man, who told her that Mukunda was to possess it for some years, after which it would vanish into the ether from which it came. Throughout his childhood, his father would fund train passes for his many sight seeing trips to distant cities and pilgrimage spots, which he would often take with friends. In his youth he sought out many of India's Hindu sages and saints, including the Soham "Tiger" Swami, Gandha Baba, and Mahendranath Gupta, hoping to find an illumined teacher to guide him in his spiritual quest.

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It looks all right, but I definitely prefer silver. Platinum is a worthy choice with great color, but it carries two problems for me: its heavy, and its even more expensive than gold. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it can put me in the in crowd too. And that would have to be White Gold. According to Wikipedia, White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, usually nickel or palladium. Like yellow gold, the purity of white gold is given in karats. In my limited experience, Ive found white gold is wonderful it has the color I desire without the exorbitant cost compared to platinum I mean; its obviously more expensive than silver. While I was researching that, I found that theres also a compound called Rose Gold, which is gold that is mixed with different metals to give it that color. Ive never seen it, but Im going to keep my eyes out for it. Both white and rose gold can come in purities of about 18 karats. Pure gold, 24k, is generally considered too soft for jewelry and is therefore mixed with an alloys to produce 22, 18, 14, or 10 karats, so opting for white or rose gold is not necessarily an automatic reduction in quality or purity. I the white gold jewelry I have, and if youre looking for a piece of jewelry, consider giving white gold a try. And if youve seen rose gold somewhere commonplace, let us know where you saw it Ive never seen it in any department stores like Macys or the like, because it would definitely be worth taking a look at. My last post on energy/healing jewelry got me wondering how these people/companies come up with the prices for which they sell their jewelry. I wondered about this, because at first glance, a lot of them seem rather, well, expensive. We arent talking about an emerald pendant surrounded by diamonds, an object whose value could be verified fairly objectively; this is in reference to the beaded semi precious stone bracelets and necklaces with pendants of quartz, chinese coins, or other minerals. I have been wondering how one decides how much these adornments are worth. So if you are of an artistic sort, and you make jewelry, how do you determine a pieces value?How do you know how much to charge for your creations?Interestingly, I came upon this website while looking for something completely unrelated, and there it was: a simple jewelry pricing formula!It can be found at Home Jewelry Business Sucess Tips: Jewelry Pricing Formula. I suppose this formula could be used to apply to anything, really. For you professionals, is this realistic?When you do your pricing, do you follow a similar formula?If not, how do you make your pricing determinations?Finally, if you do use a formula like this, does it work?Are you able to sell your wares using this setup and make enough profit to live on?Id to hear any comments from anyone reading this regarding how you have set up your pricing structures, what youve found works, and what absolutely does NOT work. Who knows?Maybe someone whos trying to get in to the jewelry business is looking for exactly this kind of information. You never knowThis is a topic I have a hard time with. I dont know, it may be that Im oblivious to the subtleties of changes going on around me. I might be too jaded and cynical and not open enough to feel healing powers. Can healing or energy or prosperity jewelry really promote what they say they do?Do they work?You can find jewelry to heal your chakras, attract health, wealth, the perfect person, the perfect job, and anything else you feel like manifesting. That word seems to be used a lot. You can buy a necklace to bring you luck AND bring good fortune to all who glimpse at the necklace. It seems that the right piece of jewelry can do just about anything. Sort of. Some sites claim that their jewelry is special by the way they make it. Maybe theyre able to channel the energy of the cosmos when theyre creating it.

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