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He once told me that although he doesn't condone the crooked actions of his service writers and the techs they feed, but they make me money. We had a ex dealer tech sell timing chain guides on a explorer 4. 0L. It was a quoted 16hr job. He was done with it by noon and I found the parts in his tool cart. Nothing was done about it even though I spoke up.

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In my opinion the protesters should just go home, find jobs, and stop complaining about everything. Let me start by saying that I pretty much live in my basement and I dont really know what the occupy wall street movement is all about. I dont believe that income equability has done anything major because those of us who work harder get paid more money in most cases and those of us who put in less work get paid less and are not as profitable but if we were all paid the same there would be no reward or punishment for hard work or laziness. If we say congress has contributed to the problem we are really blaming herself because you have to remember who elected congress. I do honestly believe that the white house is doing a fine job in running our country that being said I would like to see a few changes but I am sure that they have a good reason for what they are or arent doing. In my personal opinion, I believe that the people occupying Wall Street are wasting their time.

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