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How Do I Get My Real Estate License In Va

Try drawing for once instead of painting, if thats your usual medium, or vice versa. Fill a sketchbook with small quick sketches. You could even time yourself. Three or five minutes maximum for each sketch. When youre ready to go full size again, try loosening up yourtechnique, by again setting a time limit for each piece of workyou create. With a deadline to meet, you will speed up and loosen up. Try not to be precious with your art. Be quick and bold see what happens. Paint upside down. Start a new piece, then half way through turn the paper or canvas round 90 degrees. This is a great technique for abstracts. Use new colours let them flow into each other. Splatter colours onto the wet surface. If you like, you could turn the work once more to finish. What a great way to create happy accidents. Paint or draw to music. Use only your emotion to make marks on the surface of your support. Play your favourite rock, pop or classical music, let the melodies and rhythms wash over you, influencing how your artwork evolves. I often paint to Smile by Brian Wilson . and boy do I get inspired!What about painting left handed if youre a right hander and vice versa. Trying to do a representational work with your weakest side will produce art that is still yours, but will have a completely different edge to it. Challenging and great fun to do if you have the discipline!Finally, once you get back into full flow, remind yourself of all the artwork you have created successfully. How appreciated you are by your customers. Read their testimonials. Feel that glow again, when you realise that your creativity block was only temporary and that there are fans out there just waiting for you to release some wonderful new artwork into the arena. Gail Miller is a professional artist whoseartwork is a visual feast of colour and fun. Her fascination with bold colours and fluid,expressive shapes and line are evident infunky abstracts, sinuous nudes, vibrant stilllife paintings and lively townscapes. Visit her website atrticle Source:http://EzineArticles. com/?com/? More often than you would imagine!It happens to all creative people actually, from visual artists, designers, poets, through to musicians and writers. When this situation arises, you are in the grip of creative block. When you wrack your brains to come up with ideas but just cant seem to.

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