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To understand this you need to remember that your task is to summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features. If you write a very long answer, it is highly likely that your answer includes minor details or describes every feature in the visual information you are given. That means that you are not summarising the information and so you will lose marks for Task achievement. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS has several exercises aimed at teaching you how to identify and report only the main features. You can buy a copy by clicking on the image below:The following examples show you how to summarise the key features of 2 types of visual information: a graph and a diagram. Notice the overview statements in each one and pay attention to the way that the information is logically organised coherence and cohesion is just as important in writing task 1 as it is in task 2. The following sample answer is based on an exercise on page 106 of The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS, a section that teaches you how to describe a diagram. Look at the key features described and how the answer is organised:You can see that each answer of these answers is under 200 words and each one summarises the information but also organises it into a logical way. This is what you must do to achieve a score of band 7 or above. NB If you find that you cannot summarise the information in under 200 words then it is also possible that you are using resources that do not reflect the real test. Read chapter 10 of The Key to IELTS Success to learn more about this.

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ACN dispose dune version marketing ainsi que de la dcision, de lexpertise, des capacits et aussi un mode de pense idal, vous aurez certainement la possibilit de russir. Une fois que vous atteignez un niveau spcifique de ventes ou de points, vous serez annonc pour regrouper le diplme dinstructeur. Vous pouvez faire des centaines des milliers de dollars sur une base mensuelle. Si vous souhaitez rellement dvelopper votre rseau la mthode la plus rapide, aprs cela, vous devez tirer le meilleur parti de la puissance de linternet. Il existe plusieurs organisations de publicit multi niveaux disponibles, mais ACN est diffrente du reste, car elle fournit des revenus rcurrents pour ses agents. En plus des solutions de tlcommunication, il fournit galement une connexion Web, la scurit de la maison, la tlvision par satellite, ainsi que beaucoup plus.

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Seeing a CD at the store or noticing the band has had 50,000 downloads on MySpace and knowing you helped create that is really cool. Getting paid for your time and services is icing on the cake. Some of us have to make money recording bands because that is what we do. Others do it for supplemental income or just fun money. Either way the time comes where you have to decide how you are going to charge the band. Do you do it by the project or by the hour?When do you collect the money?Do you require a deposit?Do you get something in writing?When I put together my first "real" project studio I decided that I wanted to become one of the best known indie producers/recording studio guys where I lived. However, I didn't have my name out in the area and had no contacts where I lived I had recently moved after finishing college. What I decided to do was to go to the clubs and find bands that where good but just starting out. These were the bands that had never recorded, didn't have a lot of money or ego, but had a promising sound and following. I would introduce myself, tell the band I liked them, and invited them to record one song with me for free at my studio. Almost everytime this worked I was able to get the band into my studio, record one song, become friendly with them, and most importantly almost always get repeat paid business. After a while I had become known in the area. By choosing the right bands, AND by doing a good job on the tracks, I had built a reputation. I no longer had to offer free recording Unless I wanted to. That's when I really had to figure out how I was going to charge money for my time. I knew that most studios charged per hour, but I felt that would rush the process and put a lot of stress on me to go fast.

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