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One of my JNTUK petroleum engineering student even shared his practical experiences via blog here ll these events point towards one trend which is that present and future belongs to learning whatever we want by just having high speed internet connection and knowing exactly what skills we want to acquire that makes us valuable and just join a course. While technology is reshaping education and enabling students to acquiring most wanted skills on one hand, universities, colleges, schools, both private and public are investing massive amounts of money building classrooms. All these empty classrooms will eventually become a burden on the sustainability of colleges and universities as they move their classrooms to online. What stays relevant is only labs that allow students to practice what they learn online. There is still hope for those who have massive investment in Buildings and for those who are in the middle of building more educational institutes. Here is my suggestions for those to consider. With rapid developments in Artificial intelligence and use of it in developing robots that can do almost anything what we are capable of doing we humans will be left with not much to do until unless we come to terms with our cognitive and emotional intelligence. In this next Machine age humans will be left serving the Machines , 3D printers and monitoring the distributed manufacturing facilities. Deep intelligence networks autonomously can start a war or robots can kill people if not programmed properly. Nations and their policy for human development needs to have a vision 2050 and beyond , right now to prepare our younger generation with their bodies implanted with sensors and other electronics that control their feelings and habits for co existence with Intelligent machines which are capable to compete and win better over humans in terms of work , logic and processing power. Roughly around 50% to 60% of planets population becomes available to do something drastically different than what we do presently by year 2050May be earlier too.

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AUTOCAD is also affordable to the industry. Many big brands started using AUTOCAD as the basic engineering design platform. These brands include Airbus, Nokia, Nikon, BMW, Ford, McLaren Racing, Sanyo, etc. AUTOCAD has keep innovating and incorporating various new technologies that meet both industries requirement. Usability and application of AUTOCAD in the industry has increased the demand of AUTOCAD designers. Many upcoming designers are looking towards AUTOCAD certification like a ladder to climb up to reach success in life.

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The opening rank that is applicable for General Category may not be the same for SC or ST category. For example, the closing rank of an NIT for General category is 9400, it may be 12,000 for SC and 18000 for ST category. When you check previous year data, make a list as per your JEE Main rank and category. The above two factors are most important when you choose an NIT. It will help you identify the best NIT as per rank and category. List of Popular B. Tech Colleges for Admission without JEE Main 2020Here is the list of popular B. Tech colleges, which accept admission in B. Tech courses without JEE Main 2020 Bharat Institute of Technology BIT MeerutKL University GunturJagran Lakecity University BhopalLovely Professional UniversityMody University SikarSanskar Educational Group GhaziabadJaipur Engineering College JaipurWorld University of Design SonepatRaffles UniversityBrainware University KolkataAurora's Engineering College Abids HyderabadSage University BhopalRai University AhmedabadManav Rachana University FaridabadWe hope that the above explanation has given you an idea of how to choose the best NIT after JEE Main exam. For more details about the JEE Main based admission in NITs, please click on the links below JEE Main Counselling and Admission Based ArticlesYou can click on the links below to check information on JEE Main/ JoSAA counselling and admission related content JEE Main Counselling ProcessJEE Main Merit ListJEE Main Seat AllotmentJoSAA 2020 Dates and Counselling ProcessList of NITs in IndiaList of IITs in IndiaList of IIITs in IndiaOpening and Closing Ranks for NITsOpening and Closing Ranks for IITsIITs Fee StructureNITs Fee StructureNIT Warangal B. Tech CSE Closing RanksNIT Trichy B. Tech CSE Closing RanksList of JoSAA Participating InstitutesList of JEE Main Participating CollegesList of Colleges Accepting 50000 to 75000 Rank in JEE MainAdmission without JEE Main RankList of Colleges Accepting 75000 to 100000 Rank in JEE MainList of Colleges Accepting 75000 to 100000 Rank in JEE Main JEE Main is the only B. Tech entrance exam that grants admission in NITs National Institutes of Technology, and there is no provision for direct B. Tech admission in these premier institutes. Every aspirant must clear the JEE Main exam and participate in JoSAA counselling to be eligible for the admission. However, there is always a lot of confusion between parents and students on which NIT to choose. Nowadays, choosing the best NIT has become tougher than clearing the JEE Main examination. Most often, students get confused about which branch is good in which NIT. Finding answers to these questions may be a difficult task for students. In order to solve students doubts and uncertainty on choosing the best NIT, CollegeDekho has come up with some smart ways that will help the JEE Main qualified candidates select the right NIT while exercising the JoSAA web options. The first question student and parents get when choosing the NIT for B. Tech admission are Which is the Best NIT in India? There are almost 31 NITs in India. Out of 31, there are older as well as newer NITs. Choosing between the older and newer NITs may be a challenging task. However, students and parents need to consider some factors before judging the best NIT in India for B. Tech admission. Check the following cases below for better clarity on this question Case 1 My son got a good rank in JEE Main and he may get admission in top NIT. The top NIT is located in another state, and I do not want to send my son far from home. Which engineering college is best in this case?Solution 1: As per the above case, the parent does not want to send his son far from home despite his childs good performance in the JEE Main exam. The first advice that we can provide is to not compromise on such things as the child has a good rank in the entrance exam and the chances for the admission in top NIT are high. Solution 2: Secondly, the parent can identify whether there is an NIT located in his/ her location or nearby city.

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