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If there are no declarations, authors should explicitly state that there are none. This must be stated at the point of submission within the manuscript, after the main text, under the subheading "Declaration of Interest. " Manuscript submission cannot be completed unless a declaration of interest statement either stating the disclosures or reporting that there are none is included. This will be made available to reviewers and will appear in the published article. If any potential conflicts of interest are found to have been withheld following publication, the journal will proceed according to COPE guidance. The intent of this policy is not to prevent authors with any particular relationship or interest from publishing their work, but rather to adopt transparency such that reviewers, editors, the publisher, and most importantly, readers can make objective judgments concerning the work product. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics COPE. Note this journal uses iThenticates CrossCheck software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts. Read the Top 10 Publishing Ethics Tips for Authors here. Wileys Publication Ethics Guidelines can be found at authorservices. wiley.

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Political, ideological, and intellectual agendas can make people interesting. However, while both the Frankfurt School Marxist and your institutions local free market guru are probably fun to have coffee with, would you want them working together evaluating your dissertation?Remember that each committee member can ask for revisions. Do you want to invite radically opposed kinds of comments?Yes, the chair of your committee can go to bat for you or try to over rule somebody, but everybody has to sign off on your work. How do they feel about your using a dissertation editor or dissertation editing service of some sort?Do they want you to, insist you do, or forbid you from doing so?Dont set yourself up for needless conflicts. This may seem petty to talk about. But academic departments are often very political. Generally, departments do not allow untenured assistant professors to serve as advisors. Departments do, however, allow associate professors to advise. Often, one will be intellectually attracted to younger, energetic faculty members. However, while these associate professors are tenured, they do have to worry about making full professor. Thus, if your advisor is an associate professor and other members of your committee are full professors, your advisor may not feel comfortable challenging people who are going to vote on whether or not to promote him or her. Full professors, at least theoretically, sit at the top of the food chain and will speak their minds and defend their students. You dont need somebody who thinks your idea is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you do need someone who thinks that your subject matter is intellectually worthwhile. These are some of the most important things to look for when choosing your committee. If you follow this advice, youll have smooth sailing. If youre having trouble, dont hesitate to hire a good dissertation editing service to help you out. The biggest lesson I learned while I was a doctoral student?Find out what motivates you. Here are 6 motivators I stuck on signs over my desk when I was in the throes of my doctoral dissertation:So many people in my graduate cohort spent endless hours and endless angst searching for the perfect research question, the perfect theory, the perfect sources for their lit review, and the perfect turn of phrase guaranteed to take their masterpiece to a level sure to earn them a place in academic history. That wasnt me. I picked a topic I found interesting; came up with an appropriate research question, backed into a serviceable theory, got decent sources for the lit review, and finished in a reasonable amount of time. Did I set the bar too low?Is there a doctor in the house?By all means, get help from a good dissertation editor or dissertation editing service if you need it.

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