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The pantry, located in the university library, is accessible to all members of the campus community during library hours. In 2014, FHSU received a two year $66,000 Kansas Health Foundation grant to improve the infrastructure and leadership of these programs, facilitate the launch of a Fresh Food Friday initiative, provide resources for multiple educational programs related to healthy eating, cooking, and gardening, and support a survey of FHSU students enrolled in on campus courses. This surveythe centerpiece of the current studyallowed the university to measure levels of food insecurity, as well as the extent to which food insecure students were using local supports. The sample for this study consisted of students who were taking at least one on campus course during either the spring, summer, or fall 2015 semester and who were not first year students. First year students were not included in this research for two reasons. At FHSU all first year students not living within 60 miles of the campus are required to live in on campus housing; nearly all students living on campus purchase a meal plan, ensuring seven, 10, or up to 21 meals per week. In addition, because this survey was administered during the fall semester, most first year students would not have yet been enrolled for one full year, the timeframe over which measures of food insecurity are operationalized. A total of 3,120 students met the survey criteria, and from the universitys database, researchers drew a simple random sample of 800. A two wave mail survey was distributed using the universitys most recent local address listing for each student. The mailed survey packet contained a cover letter, the survey questionnaire, and a pre addressed, postage paid return envelope. The outgoing envelope was printed especially for this survey using the university logo and specifying the sender as Food and Hunger Initiatives. The questionnaire was printed in a booklet style and tri folded; the booklet cover comprised the cover letter from the researchers, signed by the universitys president to help encourage responses. The cover displayed the same university and project branding as the outgoing envelope. Wave 1 occurred just prior to the universitys 2015 fall break, coinciding with the week of Thanksgiving. Wave 2, which targeted non respondents, occurred during the first week of December, and researchers collected data through the intersession. Packets sent to 58 targeted respondents were not delivered due to address problems, reducing the total number of eligible respondents to 742. At the end of the two mailing waves, 154 respondents has returned usable questionnaires, yielding a 21% response rate. At a 95% confidence level, the sampling margin of error was +/ 7. 7% among the 154 respondents. Comparing demographic characteristics of the final survey sample to the total population of students who met the survey criteria, Table 1 shows that differences tended to be within the survey margin of error for ethnicity, race, and age. The final sample somewhat overrepresented females 66. 2% of the sample, 56. 3% of the population and on campus residents 17. 7% of the sample, 7. 7% of the population, while underrepresenting sophomores 15. 5% of the sample, 24% of the population.

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