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The attack on Greenwood destroyed 1,256 houses and saw the looting of another 215, according to the American Red Cross, leaving 9,000 black Tulsans homeless. Virtually all the districts businesses were gone. An accurate death toll will likely never be calculated, though eyewitnesses said they saw unidentified black bodies stacked onto trucks and dumped into unmarked graves. While the Tulsa Race Riot Commission issued a report in 2001 confirming only 39 deaths 26 black and 13 white, it also acknowledged that previous fatality estimates ranging from 100 to 300 people were credible. Greenwood residents claimed $1. 8 million in damages about $25 million in todays dollars, but insurance companies and the city of Tulsa denied the claims, citing the fact that the attack had been deemed a riot. A grand jury investigation organized by Oklahomas governor in the days after the attack found that the black men who went to the courthouse to protect Dick Rowland were at fault for the destruction of Greenwood. A Tulsa minister laid the blame on W. E. B. DuBois, who had visited the city several months prior.

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" Charles's argument is that, well, too many people are going to college. There are people who go to college who have no reason to but pressure from society. Some of these people will dropout from college and might have a huge debt that they shouldn't have if they didn't attend in the first place. The fact that most people don't understand is that not everyone needs to go to college to have a good life. There are many jobs out as seen in the guy with choice of being a manager or electrician. ''Are Are Too Many People Going to College" by Charles Murray presents the argument that college is important but is not necessary for everyone. As a result of society pressuring individuals to get a B. A. in college Murray writes this article to enlighten us that college is not for everyone. For example, in the article Murray talks about how liberal arts in college education is not need for those who want to acquire trade jobs. Theses individuals if they want could go to vocational schools where they get the schooling they need to go further in their career as skilled workers.

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