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Do you have any recommendations as to what writing industries or companies to pursue?Im interested in doing reviews, blogs, copywriting but open to suggestions. Thank you very much!KathyHi Kathy, What about Live Strong?They are always hiring writers in a variety of categories. Also, check out your favorite brands and companies and research their blog posts. Maybe they havent added any new content in a long time, and you can send them a proposal, or you can pitch them a few ideas that they havent covered. Good luck!Wow!Thank you so much for this blog post!I have never seen so much accurate and helpful information in one post!I have bookmarked this page and will be checking all of them out!Thank you so very much!I am interested in a stay at home career in writing. I am a mother of two and I have been writing for many years.

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George W. Bush, on the other hand, made it clear to Coe and the others from the start that hed show up at the Prayer Breakfast but not to expect much more. George came late, and left earlyhe did every year, Burleigh says. Now, I appreciate his honesty. He told Doug, You know, this isnt my thing. After Bushs first, perfunctory appearance, Clinton telephoned Coe to console him.

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Anyone can earncredit by exam regardless of age or education level. Not sure what college you want to attend yet?Study. com has thousands of articles about everyimaginable degree, area ofstudyand career path that can help you find the school that's right for you. chapters | lessons| flashcard setIn Living Buddha, Living Christ, Vietnamese Zen Master, peace activist, and poet Thich Nhat Hanh describes an exchange that occurred at a conference of theologians and religion professors. A conference leader addressed the assembly: We are going to hear about the beauties of several traditions, but that does not mean that we are going to make a fruit salad. In response, Hanh gently observed: Fruit salad can be delicious! In analyzing the incident, Hanh explains: I do not see any reason to spend ones whole life tasting just one kind of fruit. We human beings can be nourished by the best values of many traditions. Hanh isnt advocating that we abandon our own spiritual heritage. He is simply suggesting that we all have much to learn from different religious traditions. As a professor of religion, I agree that the fruit salad Hanh envisions can be delicious intellectual fare. Yet I encounter a good deal of fruit salad anxiety among my students at a church affiliated college in northwestern Minnesota. Most of my students come from Christian backgrounds, and many understand religious diversity as anything that deviates from their Christian norm. Within the assumptions students bring to the classroom, I have come to see embedded opportunities for cultivating a deeper understanding of difference. I hope that this understanding will enable my students to live responsibly in a world of multiple perspectives. My students enter the classroom with a range of assumptions. These vary according to each students cultural background, educational history, and personal relationship to religion. First among these assumptions is the belief that only one religion contains the Truth. This exclusivist approach, as Harvard religion scholar Diana Eck terms it, claims that other religions are misguided at bestand damned at worst 2003. This assumption causes students to fear that learning about other religions is a dangerous distraction from the one Truth they believe leads to salvation. An alternative assumption suggests that, superficial differences aside, all religions are essentially the same. Although this universalist approach is less divisive than its exclusivist counterpart, it diminishes the genuine differences between religions.

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