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The development of the argument must be relevant, accurate and appropriate. Davies 2008 believes that successful academic writing must address a topic or title clearly. He suggests that writers must be careful what information they include in the essay noting that interesting information may not necessarily be orientated towards the question that is being asked. When doing a final review of your work, it is important to focus on the relationships between the ideas that have been discussed. The Salem witch trials of 1692 took place in Salem, Massachusetts. Overall, 141 people were arrested as 19 were hanged and one person crushed to death.

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Priy Brat Dwivedi. It is the repeatability of any research, research instrument, tool or . Validity. Characteristics of a good thesis research problem 1 The problem can be stated clearly and concisely. Elements of Good Research Report Writing. Some are simple and easy to follow, some are just too complex. Reliability is a measure of repeatability or replicability. There is no formula or program for writing well. It will be helpful to people who are generally good writers but have little or no experience at writing this type of research report. The qualities described here are especially important for academic and expository writing. Generalizability.

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