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You don 39 t General reading is scored differently. This is an aimed post for IELTS candidates who have great problems finding out and understanding Reading Answers in the AC module. The content of the Reading Section will differ for the Academic and General Tests. Don t worry so much about the timing. Features Of Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 10 Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 10 contains four complete sample IELTS tests each comprising Listening and Speaking modules and Academic Reading and Writing modules. Use information in the description below to answer Questions 1 to 3.

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The Honors students that I examined achieved a remarkable level of maturity in the subject, being able to fashion rigorous, correct, and insightful arguments, sometimes on their feet, as well as revealing a deep engagement with the special topics. There is no program like it that I know of. Prospective students ought to know that they can have a deep and personal experience in a subject, guided minimally but appropriately by a caring faculty member, after which they will be examined by experts in the field who will encourage them to bring the best of their learning to bear on interesting problems. ""As a scholar in macroeconomics and financial economics, I was asked to be an outside examiner in Honors in both fields. Setting the exams is an interesting and uniquely rewarding task one sits in judgment simultaneously on the College curriculum and on a particular set of students. For those of us for whom the Swarthmore Honors Program was a great, formative experience, being able to give something back is deeply satisfying. ""The Honors Program set me on the road to becoming an educator and a researcher. Preparing for and taking the honors exams was one of the most intense yet satisfying intellectual experiences I've ever had, and gave me confidence that my decision to pursue a graduate degree in economics was not a mistake. ""In math seminars we learned to read texts on our own, solve problems together, and seek alternate sources. Steve Maurer's combinatorics seminar challenged us further to read individual papers and to present the material. This preparation for graduate school and math research was invaluable.

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