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There are only a few strict exceptions that allow non Saturday testing, such as religious reasons . Getting up on a Saturday might be hard, but for most students, SAT or ACT registration is simple: you can complete it online . There are a few special circumstances that require mailed in registration:Paper registration forms can be requested from the respective Web sites or obtained from high school guidance offices. Schools will also need to provide documentation if you are eligible for testing modifications, such as additional time . How much will you be paying?The tests vary a bit: It's $45 for the SAT, $32 for the ACT and $47 if you take the ACT plus writing. Registration can be completed several months ahead of the test date until about a month before.

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Click on the start button to open the start menu2. Click on the gear icon on the left to open the setting app3. Choose the "Franklin College" network5. When prompted enter your credentials6. Within a few seconds, you should be connected 1. Click on the Apple menu from the top left of the screen and then select system preferences2.

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