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Maybe this is an idea for a future post?Or would you still go for chocolate or wine?I know a couple of supervisors who have a brag shelf full of finished, bound PhDs from their students. Those suckers are expensive, so I would accompany it with just a card, but if your super drinks a nice bottle of something is good too. I gave my supervisor also my co supervisor, the chair of my research progress panel, and our two admin staff a little parcel of home made salted caramel fudge. It was very much appreciated and Ive been asked for the recipe quite a few times!PS remember your admins. Theyre the ones who get stuff done Not that supervisors dont, but it all helps. My supervisor told me it is not only unnecessary but not a good idea to give gifts.

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Grant Stitt, David Giacopassi 1999 Casino gambling and bankruptcy in new United States casino jurisdictions. Journal of Socio Economics: 247 261. This journal article examines personal bankruptcy filings and compares the data obtained to determine what effect, if any, casino gambling may have had on said filings. The authors used the bankruptcy filings from the jurisdictions having legalized casino gambling and compared these filing with bankruptcy filings from jurisdictions without legalized casino gambling. According to the authors, personal bankruptcy filings increased in seven of the eight jurisdictions that had legal casino gambling and that in five of these seven there was a statistical significance. An interesting exception was noted by the article in that in one jurisdiction, iloxi, Mississippi, which had legal casino gambling, personal bankruptcies actually decreased. In the article the authors examined the reasons behind this unusual development and argued that the unique nature of the dangerous consumptions that have been legalized like tobacco and alcohol, the expansion of high intensity commercial gambling on the global scale seems like a recent phenomenon. People are being entertained since the ancient times from these games that put the resources of the one who is playing them at risk Moodie and Hastings, 2009. It has been in the last 30 years that modern expansion of such extensive nature has taken place. The affluent western societies have particularly been hit by this expansion of gambling. This increase has been associated with national lotteries' introduction in Europe, the expansion of casinos from riverboats and reservations into the most populated areas of North America as well as the increase in the number of proliferation of electronic gambling machines EGMs that are now being found very commonly in Australia Chapman, 2007. Expansions of similar sort can currently be observed to be taking place in " IllinoisIf one wants to verify the dangers of gambling one only needs to look at the statistics stating Las Vegas has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. People are desperate to get their win, they have lost everything and still believe that magic hand or slot is right around the corner and resort to robbing, stealing, fraud and other means to obtain gambling funds Nauman, 2006. Gambling is illegal in most areas of the nation. Law enforcement is charged with arresting those that break the law. In states across the nation gambling rings have been broken up and slot machines, video poker machines and roulette tables have been seized. The place for law enforcement with regard to gambling is to crack down on it and not turn a blind eye when they are aware that is going on. The children who do not have food DiagnosisThe relevance of maintaining healthy communities cannot be overstated. In basic terms, communities should be designed and maintained in a way that promotes the well being of their inhabitants. In so doing, such communities could end up realizing not only the economic but also the social benefits of a happier, healthier, and more productive society. There is therefore a need to assess and diagnose the key health problems specific to various communities.

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