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This organization shall be known as the Bucks County Community College Student Government Association SGA. All persons enrolled in a course or courses for credit at Bucks County Community College shall automatically be members of the Student Association and shall have the right to vote in the general elections of Student Government Association Officers and Councilors. The purpose of the Student Government Association shall be to form a representative, constructive and responsible student government; to promote beneficial understanding among the students, faculty, and the administration; to foster the recognition of the rights and responsibilities to the students in such a capacity as to further their interest and well being. President, Vice President of Executive Orders, Vice President of Activities, Treasurer, and Secretary; and five 5 Councilors; for Student Involvement, for Public Relations, for Clubs and Organizations, for Student Advocacy and a Councilor at large. Each Office and Councilor shall maintain a handbook for standing operating procedures for his/her office. These handbooks shall be policy documents of the Executive Board and may be amended by the resolution of the Executive Board. At the completion of his/her term of office each Officer and Councilor shall recommend to the executive Board and call to the attention of his/her successor any changes in the handbook for his/her office. Officers and Councilors may involve members from the Student Association to assist them in performing their functions. In doing so they must provide for orderly continuity in the affairs of the Student Government Association. Each elected person of the Student Government Association shall miss no more than two 2 scheduled meetings per semester without proper authorization. There shall be five 5 standing committees of the Student Government Association.

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IARC Monographs Programme on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans. Lists of Group 1, 2a, and 2b substances can be obtained at HYPERLINK t external RIS: US EPA, National Center for Environmental Assessment. Integrated Risk Information System. HYPERLINK t external TP BR: National Toxicology Program. Summary for Agents, Substances, Mixtures or Exposure Circumstances to be Reviewed in 2001 2002 for Possible Listing in the Report on Carcinogens, Eleventh Edition. NTP Board of Scientific Counselors, NTP, Research Triangle Park, NC. HYPERLINK ewHomeRoc/11thConsideration. html t external ewHomeRoc/11thConsideration. htmlNational Toxicology Program. Summary for Agents, Substances, Mixtures or Exposure Circumstances to be Reviewed in 2004 2005 for Possible Listing in the Report on Carcinogens, Twelfth Edition. NTP Board of Scientific Counselors, NTP, Research Triangle Park, NC. HYPERLINK ewHomeRoc/12thConsideration. html t external ewHomeRoc/12thConsideration. htmlNTP C: National Toxicology Program. 10th Report on Carcinogens 2002. HYPERLINK t external TP HS: National Toxicology Program. Chemical Repository of Health and Safety Data. TP Reports/NTP Chem HandS/NTP Chem8/Radian%5BInsert CAS]. txtOEHHA TCD: California Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. Toxicity Criteria Database OEHHA Cancer Potency Values . HYPERLINK t external PP CAN: US EPA, Office of Pesticide Programs. List of Chemicals Evaluated for Carcinogenic Potential 5/10/2002. OPP, Washington, DC. HYPERLINK PAListCarcinogenicChemicals. pdf t external PAListCarcinogenicChemicals. pdfORD SF: US EPA, Office of Research and Development, Superfund Health Risk Technical Support Center.

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