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Rental properties may include the cost of some or all utilities in the lease, or you might be responsible for paying utility companies directly. Homeowners usually pay their own utilities. For the utilities that are your obligation, contact each utility company to set up an account. Utility bills are often accepted as proof of address for identification or services, such as a drivers license or library card. As with your rent or mortgage, paying your utility bills on time helps you to maintain a good credit rating. Other expenses. Setting up residency may involve other costs. For example, establishing telephone, Internet, and cable service are likely to be your responsibility. Required fees for a community space or homeowners association may cost extra. Trash and recycling collection may or may not be included in rent, fees, or property taxes. Another big expense that is indirectly related to your housing choice is transportation. In some locations, public transportationsuch as buses, commuter trains, and ferriesmay be enough. But in others, you may need another mode of transportation. You can avoid the expense of buying, insuring, and maintaining a vehicle by using car sharing services, carpooling, or renting. Or you could consider alternative methods for getting around, such as a scooter or a bicycle. All the responsibilities of setting out on your own can make the effort seem daunting. But remember, you dont have to do everything at onceand its OK if you dont get each detail right on the first try. "Approach each challenge piece by piece, calmly and without pressure," says Barrington. "Learn from your mistakes, and youll come up to speed at your own pace. "Being on your own is a big adjustment, Greynolds adds, so its a good idea to reach out to others as you make the transition. "Youre not the only one whos uncomfortable or scared," she says.

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