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With respect to the fourth research question What is the relative weight for the variance of lexical resource that contributes to the total scores of Iranian IELTS candidates in writing task1 either in a bar chart or a table?232. Thus, this criterion had more impact on their total scores in bar charts. Finally, as it pertains to the fifth research question What is the relative weight for the variance of grammar range and accuracy that contributes to the total scores of Iranian IELTS candidates in writing task1 either in a bar chart or a table?434 was the strongest predictor of the total score in bar charts; implying that GRA was the strongest point of Iranian IELTS candidates writing performance. 279 turned out to be weaker in table based writing. The results of the current study demonstrated that Iranian IELTS candidates were more skillful in accomplishing TA and GRA in tables and bar charts, respectively. In fact, these two criteria were deemed as decisive factors in determining test takers total score in the IELTS writing task 1. Unlike what was anticipated by the researchers in this study, Iranian IELTS candidates appeared to be more competent in covering the requirements of the task and presenting developed responses to the task in tables i. e. TA. However, the candidates weaknesses found were CC and LR in relation to bar charts and tables, respectively. Evidently, Iranian IELTS candidates may not be able to create a report in which the ideas are connected coherently and cohesively in bar charts and they struggled to write a report which displays a rich development throughout i. e. CC. In the bar charts, LR and TA are the criteria affecting the overall scores, respectively. Employing rich LR in bar charts is indicative of the importance of bar charts on candidates minds; they utilized more difficult lexical items in bar charts than tables. However, CC and GRA were the next criteria affecting the overall score in tables. Concerning the results of the first research question, the candidates writing performance in two versions of tasks were significantly different; the candidates did better in bar charts than tables. When they viewed the bar charts, more complex lexical words were triggered in their mind but regarding tables, they had difficulty doing so. To be precise, visualization bar charts efficiently affected their writing performance and scores in the IELTS test. The results of the present study are in accord with Mickan and Slater study 2003 in that task type had a noticeable effect on examinees performance. They showed that a specific type of task determined test takers choice of linguistic components for their compositions. The findings of this study are also in line with those of Randle 2010 in which he strongly advocated the application of visual arts in educational settings to foster creative writing and advance academic accomplishment. Moreover, the findings of the present study are in agreement with Trainin, Andrzejczak and Poldberg study 2006. Based on the findings of their study, there was overwhelming support for the incorporation of visual arts into writing programs to nurture their imagination, self expression skills, and problem solving prowess. Our findings agree with those of Carger 2004 and Bussert Webb 2001 who reported that students benefited from visual arts integration in the classroom by inspiring imagination in their writings. They also found that the students were more fascinated in incorporating visual arts because they were able to manipulate the writing process more effectively. Furthermore, the findings of this study were also congruent with those of Olshansky 2006 who concluded that visual arts integration in teaching writing skill made students feel interested and helped them find the writing class easier and more enjoyable. He also ascertained that visual arts helped students do the planning and thinking inherent in writing. Indeed, visual arts application as a guide in writing impacted students involvement as well as their achievement. A significant finding of the current study is the way the test takers envision the writing task influences their writing performance. That is, if the writing task such as a table portraying numbers does not aid test takers to visualize the topic, they will not be able to produce a good writing report Tajzadeh et al.

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